Kris, Brent and Rachel established Field in Melbourne in early 2014. It was born out of the belief that sustainable architecture can and should be beautiful. That energy efficient houses are not only smart and functional but also bright and comfortable. That the clever use of recycled and reclaimed materials is not only cost effective but also cool.

Engaging an architect to design a space is an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the betterment of the environment and every project is unique. A home can generate more power than it requires. A building can collect enough rainwater and re-use enough waste water to reduce or eliminate water use. A shop fitout can minimize consumption of new resources and save materials from the landfill through the use of reclaimed materials. Sometimes people just want a cozy and guilt-free home.

Green architecture is about more than star ratings and some extra insulation (though in our buildings you get that too).  It speaks to the soul of a building, and how a home or a shop can exist in harmony with its surroundings. It is about the relationship between owner, architect and builder. About how the exchange of ideas and collaboration makes for a better outcome – not just for the project, but for the broader community and the earth.


Rachel Eastwood
Bachelor of Arts 
Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) 

Brent Lamb
Graduated Cum Laude from Lawrence Technological University in Detroit, MI
Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Registered Building Practitioner

Kristine Sommerfeld 
Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from Deakin Uni. 
Associate Diploma of Applied Science, Architectural Drafting 
Registered Building Practitioner
Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor 
Member of the BDAV (Building Designers Association of Victoria)
Member of the Robin Boyd Foundation



Field Design Studio Pty Ltd. Melbourne

Rachel Eastwood
0430 246 666

Brett Lamb
0415 227 474

Kristine Sommerfeld
0407 694 644